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Friday, February 24, 2006

Adventures in Awkwardness

Well good new everyone-my car is working fine (despite the engine manifold leak that has yet to be fixed) and after only two more freezing showers the hot water in our apartment was finally fixed (and it was really only bad until the second to the last since my rage kept me warm for the last one).

However, I realized that I forgot to relay one last story from my car trouble week: the story about hitching a ride with one of my kind co-workers/new friend. In retrospect I feel really bad for the guy because I was the most awkward, boring lump for the hour ride to work and the hour ride back. He was really very nice to put up with my monosyllabic answers to questions and awkward mumblings that I tried to chip in to the comversation.

It's times like these that make me really question my social skills-why do I air on the side of slug whenever I feel a tad nervous?! I honestly wish I was the type of person who rambles crazy fun stories when they are nervous because at least they're interesting, dynamic, and funny. I on the other hand get very quiet and avoid eye contact. And of course, I always think of funny things to say 5 minutes after the moment has passed and use up half my brain power that should be put towards social functioning and instead use it to mentally kick myself for not having a quicker wit.

Like when said co-worker was telling me interesting information about DC real estate and how my husband and I should look into buying rather than renting a funny thing to say might have been "Oh, I don't expect our marriage to last that long...". Sort of funny...right? At least better than "hmmmmm...yeah...........". Or when he inquired about the car troubled couldn't I have gone into one of my favorite childhood stories about the time that I skipped school to drive to the mall to buy a homecomming dress and ended up having to hitchhike my way home in a blizzard because my truck broke down. That's a pretty good story. Or when, while passing a lawn in rural Maryland that was filled with plastic lawn crap, we laughed about how you can tell a person from the lawn decorations, I should have said, "Yeah, I can't wait until I can have one of those Marys in a bathtub and so many cats littering the yard that walking up to my porch will be reminicent of the last scene of The Birds."
Wait....know that I read these things in print, they're really not that funny. Maybe it's actually a good thing that I kept my mouth shut. Ugh. I'm so bad at this!! I need social and/or electroshock therapy. Hey, I bet that would make a good story.


  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    Yay good news! I'm glad your car and hot water are functioning again! The longish car ride with the acquaintance...always a tricky business for anyone but the most socially competent.

    Your homecoming dress story does sound awfully good!

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger hot babe said…

    Stories in print v. stories told in person when one can hear you tonal inflections are two entirely different things. Next time, I say down a bottle of wine before he picks you up. Even if he thinks you're boring (which really isn't possible), you'll feel so good you won't care what he thinks.


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